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The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!

IH Global Markets Limited

United Kingdom|2-5 years|
Regulated in Australia|Suspicious Regulatory License|MT4/5 White Label|The server is only located in China.|Australia Appointed Representative(AR) Revoked|High potential risk|


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MT4/5 Identification

MT4/5 Identification

White Label

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IHGlobalMarkets-Demo MT5
Server Location China

The WikiFX Score of this broker is reduced because of too many complaints!


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IH Global Markets Limited

Company Abbreviation

IH Global Markets Limited

Platform registered country and region

United Kingdom

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Previous Detection : 2023-10-02
  • It has been verified that this broker currently has no valid regulation. Please be aware of the risk!
  • The number of the complaints received by WikiFX have reached 6 for this broker in the past 3 months. Please be aware of the risk and the potential scam!

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Pyramid scheme complaint
Unable to withdraw

Unable to withdraw

It has not been solved! No withdrawal. Very suspicious and like a fraud. When applying for withdrawal for the first time, it is only a part of it, without any additional fees, and it quickly credited to the account. When I applied for a withdrawal for the second time, it started to say that I had to pay 20% of the income tax. They miscalculated the tax again and again, and said it was no problem. Once you have paid the tax, you can withdraw the money immediately and send the tax payment certificate by email. As a result, there is no tax payment certificate after the tax is paid, and the email can only be sent after the withdrawal. If you apply for withdrawal, they still do not allow withdrawal and the reason is that the risk of the trading account is detected. The risk fund of 10% of the total assets must be paid within 5 days. When I asked him what to do if he couldn't make it, he faltered and said that he didn't know what would happen. Above. If the customer service is unprofessional, please ask the dealer to be held accountable.

2022-03-06 19:23
Unable to withdraw

Unable to withdraw, be careful! ! !

When it starts to say that there is no handling fee, it is very suspicious. The 1st withdrawal is also fine and there are no overcharged fees. When I applied for withdrawal for the second time, I said that according to the law, I had to pay 20% income tax on the income. I made a series of miscalculated taxes, and added a handling fee. I said that I don’t need any fees to make up the money, and I paid out after 2 hours. As a result, the tax was made up, and there was no tax payment receipt certificate. When applying for withdrawal, I waited and waited. Finally, it said that the transaction account was detected to be risky, and 10% of the total assets was required to be paid. The process is really suspicious, so I dare not continue to pay and decide to expose it. After the exposure, I contacted me today on 3/7. Not only did I not deal with it fairly, but instead, I made a new move, telling me that my account would be frozen if I could not pay the risk fund within the 5-day period (2 days remaining), and I ignored my words. Called the police, and even finally said that I hoped that I would continue to expose. alert! If there are traders who have also experienced the same period of time, please pay tax carefully, because there is no tax receipt and payment certificate after paying the tax, and you will be informed of inexplicable tricks that prevent you from withdrawing money, and even threaten to freeze your account!

2022-03-07 21:47
Unable to withdraw

Withdrawals require to pay personal income tax, and the account will be frozen if not paid after 7 days

I have a principal of more than 30,000 and a profit of 14,000. I want to withdraw, but the customer service said that my account principal and income are more than 5000. So I have to pay personal income tax of more than 8,000 before withdrawing. I have doubts in my mind, and ask other friends who know the business. All of them feel that the tax collection is unreasonable. Tried the background operation and can't get the money.

2022-02-25 16:02

Induced fraud and unable to withdraw money! Be careful! Call the police!

My user account is 80710358. The total deposit on 2022/02/25 is 7166 US dollars, and the total income on 2022/02/28 is 57,767 US dollars. After the income, they will not allow the withdrawal, and they are tricked and forced to pay income tax of 11,453.4 US dollars within 7 days. 2022/03/01 The total tax payment is 11,453.4 US dollars (equivalent to 1,323,105.89 yen). After paying the tax, they didn’t have a receipt, and they still refused to withdraw the money. They continued to deceive and force the payment of other risk funds of $6,443.3 within 5 days. I refused, and they ignored it. So far, the customer service still does not reply, and the total assets of 64,433 US dollars are still not allowed to withdraw. They told users that the complaint did not affect them in any way. The data shows that their supervision is in Australia and the server is in China.

2022-03-21 07:25

    IH Global Markets Limited · Company Summary

    General Information

    IH Global Markets Limited is a foreign exchange broker, with 13 years of service experience, providing access to the global markets for traders all over the world. Through the advanced MT5 trading platform, traders can get access to more than 50 forex pairs and other products.

    Market Instruments

    With IH Global Markets Limited, investors can get access to more than 50 foreign exchange currency pairs, commodities, precious metals, indices, and share CFDs.

    Minimum Deposit

    In terms of the minimum initial deposit requirement, IH Global Markets Limited does not make this part clear. In most cases, most brokers would require traders to fund at least $100 or the equivalent amount to start real trading.


    The maximum trading leverage offered by IH Global Markets Limited is up to 400 times for forex trading, which sounds quite generous. However, still, keep in mind that leverage can amplify gains as well as losses, traders should take extra care when using it.

    Spreads & Commissions

    IH Global Markets Limited says it offers highly competitive spreads and low trading costs, but it does not specify spreads on particular instruments.

    Trading Platform Available

    IH Global Markets Limited allows traders to access one of the worlds most widely MT5 trading platforms at any time via computer, MAC, IOS, or Android devices, to keep their eyes on the market changes.

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    Investors need to apply for a capital injection from the customer service of the platform. This company theoretically supports all banks, and the amount of capital injection on that day is subject to the amount specified by your bank. Normally, the capital injection into the account takes 1-5 working days. The withdrawal is the same. Investors need to contact the platform broker who helps investors withdraw funds from their accounts.

    Customer Service

    The IH Global Markets Limited customer support can be reached through email: or you can fill in your phone number and email address on its website, then wait to be contacted.

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    more than one year
    They put a hold on my account with no explanation. I called customer support to ask if they had a refund policy for slipped take profits. What was a routine info session became an inquisition of me!
    2022-12-11 13:12
    more than one year
    They asked me to pay swap fees, high amount, although they said they didn’t charge before. I don’t know what was wrong with them. They just frustrated me so much.
    2022-12-07 13:53
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